Lufenuron: Liver-safe Candida cell wall suppressor (Chitin synthesis inhibitor) works similar to our immune system

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My name is Sarah Vaughter. I am a medical research journalist. I write about Candida on my site

15 years ago my husband and I we discovered a prescription-free, over-the-counter, totally harmless veterinarian remedy that kills Candida as effectively - but differently - than Diflucan (oral "azole" antifungal medicines), while putting no burden on liver and kidneys. It makes holes in Candida's cell wall. Scammers in SE Asia have taken notice of our success and nowadays sell outrageously priced Chinese pesticide-grade Lufenuron under various names, such as "Candida Cell Wall Suppressor" (review).

Lufenuron can cure vaginal yeast, oral Candida, Candida rashes and intestinal Candidiasis. More serious semi-systemic Candidiases may need multiple treatments and are at least temporarily improved. The Lufenuron is "loaded" into the fatty tissues over a period of three days, and then slowly releases, maintains tissue concentrations high enough to kill the Candida for two weeks. We sell a 2-week course for 27 dollars. Antifungals such as Diflucan are harmful to the liver and kidneys. Lufenuron is not metabolized or eliminated by the liver or kidneys, but excreted through the feces. Lufenuron is about as toxic as orange juice. It has no side effects but indirectly, it can make the Candida-sufferer feel bad as reported below - an immune response against dead Candida fragments and suddenly released Candida toxins ("die-off", or "detox" reaction). Read the details of Lufenuron as a Candida treatment. See Lufenuron treatment results.

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Ahhh, it’s gratifying to see someone came up with the same idea I did, but has put it into action. I’m a PhD candidate doing fungal ecology, and 5 years ago I wondered why there wasn’t a non-toxic chitin-inhibiting anti-fungal on the market for humans, so I started researching and came upon lufenuron. I’ve been taking Program now for 5 years against Malassezia sp. to treat seborrhea. It’s nice to see someone has actually gone to the trouble of obtaining it wholesale to distribute for human consumption independent of government and corporation. 

Mаrcus Binghаm, Vаncouvеr, BC

Lufenuron fights Candida similar to the body

Human cells have a way of fighting Candida: They produce the enzym Chitinase, which - like Lufenuron- causes holes in the fungal cell wall, by dissolving Chitin. Lufenuron prevents Chitin formation. So your own body attacks Candida by interering with fungal Chitin. Lufenuron does that too. An Israeli study confirmed this: [Ben-Ziony Y, Arzi B. Use of Lufenuron for treating fungal infections of dogs and cats: 297 cases (1997-1999) JAVMA 217(10) (Nov 15) 2000]. The Israeli clinic systematically tested lufenuron in ringworm-infected cats and dogs. Over the 2-year period, they treated 201 cats and followed 23 on a daily basis. Most cats treated with Lufenuron doses ranging from 51.2 to 266 mg/kg (23.1 to 120.9 mg/lb) cultured negative for ringworm in 8.3 days and began growing hair in 12 days. Four cats either cultured positive for ringworm or developed lesions again but responded well after a second treatment.

candida in the gut

Candida could become very serious. It often gets worse over time and is very hard to get rid of with diets, probiotics and natural treatments. Candida might start with vaginal thrush but then stress, lack of sleep or the use of antibiotics can escalate it to the bladder. From there it's a short way to the kidneys. Similarly with oral thrush, which can turn into intestinal Candidiasis or IBS.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

I am sure you get many emails like this so I'll keep it brief. I know you have a fair few sceptics and even "haters", I saw all that before I bought the powder but it didn't put me off - I know I have candida after at least 7-8 years of suffering and 2 years of research, so I did expect it to work. There's always that fear that it won't, though, and then what prospects lie ahead? Continued misery, of course.

I can now eat normal food without all the usual symptoms - waking up in the middle of the night covered in sweat, especially on the shins, having to spit mucus out from post nasal drip, red blotchy itchy face, endlessly gurgling stomach, etc, etc.

So, thank you for sticking through all the suspicion and negativity and all that utter bullshit - helping even one person to fix a completely destroyed life is worth all the effort. Your product works.

I'd taken 2x long ish (20 day) courses of Fluconazole 150mg/day in the past 4 months but didn't feel that much of a result and didn't get any die-off reaction with that alone, however I took the same with the Lufenuron and sure enough after 5 days I really started feeling like crap. Still, I've never felt so happy to feel ill! Feeling great now, much more sparkly-eyed and focused too.

I'll be buying 2 more packs from you tomorrow and I've already recommended this to 3 people who I am 99% sure also have a candida overgrowth, from their very similar symptoms.

If you could do with a full review and account of events & experiences then I would be more than happy to provide one, just let me know if this is the case.

Cheers & love from Birmingham, where the doctors don't even acknowledge that candida exists - in fact my doctor laughed when I told her why I wanted more Fluconazole. Obviously she refused to prescribe it, but, a little surprisingly, it sells on Amazon UK.


Rich, Birmingham

John had severe systemic Candidiasis

I don't know whether you ever had to deal with a really serious Candida infection, but my husband John never wants to go through that again. When given a chance, Candida yeast grows roots and becomes a severe health threat. His Candida was an opportunistic infection due to antibiotics for a recurrent ear infection and he developed Candida thrush in the mouth. Before long, the infection moved up to his bladder and he was prescribed Voriconazole. This cleared up the problem, but later the infection returned with a vengeance and he went with kidney pains to a specialist. A test confirmed that the fungus had moved into both kidneys, and he was put on daily IV's of liposomal Amphotericin B. That did not fully eliminate the Candidia - it quickly gets resistant to antifungal drugs - and years of trouble lay ahead.

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After many years of undiagnosed bouts of intense nausea my digestive problem was finally diagnosed by conclusive laboratory tests as Candida Parapsilosis.  None of the prescribed antifungal medications had any permanent effect. Just to name a few: Fluconazole, Ketoconazole, Itraconazole, Amphotherizine B, Clotrimazole (causing intense pain during urination).

After several treatments of Lufenuron with much better but not permanent results I finally tried using double amounts of Lufenuron. This was a major break through !  Now I can eat a regular diet - not so sugar paranoid as I used to be.

Twice a year  I take a Lufenuron course just as precaution or if I get a slight warning of impending nausea.

Lufenuron has changed my life for the better!

Gеrhаrd Opеl, Mаui, Hаwaii

He discovered a new Candida treatment

John luckily found out about Lufenuron. Because the IV antifungals had harmed his kidneys, he wanted to find a totally safe substance that could help him cure his Candida. He found it in online medical databases.

Candida is so hard to kill because roughly half of its cell wall is made of the extremely hard Chitin. The other half is Ergosterol. Chitin is the same material as the exo-skeleton of insects like fleas and intestinal parasites. It's hard to crush a flea because its Chitin armor is so strong. We have no use for Chitin in our bodies. But a fungus deprived of Chitin dies because the Chitin literally prevents it from "bleeding out" through holes in the cell wall.

There exist other Chitin-blockers, but Lufenuron is uniquely non-toxic. Long-term animal tests with very large quantities over half a year showed no teratogenic effects (effects on the fetus) and no mutagenic/carcinogenic effects.

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Hey Sarah, I received your package extremely fast after you sent it. I ate it over 5 days with organic store-bought yogurt with bifidus bacteria (no chance to culture my own yogurt here), and on the third day, I developed a throbbing headache, chapped lips, and just felt all over terrible.

It lasted a grand total of one day, since I was drinking lots of water and eating very healthily. Afterwards, any trace of smell I had is gone, and my mind is much clearer. It's been a week since I did the treatment, and I'm still feeling significantly better than I did before the treatment.

Sdt. Jаsοn Gаstаldο, Switzеrlаnd

Lufenuron: Highly effective and totally safe

US Patent 6110971 is for Lufenuron as an effective antifungal in humans - also against Candida: link.

John studied the medical research literature on how Lufenuron was used as a successful anti-fungal in animals, and, based on successful use on chimpanzees, calculated a treatment regimen that should solve his Candida problem. His success was amazing. His symptoms cleared up very quickly. On the fifth day, his die-off reaction was so strong that he first thought he was allergic to the Lufenuron. The sores in his cheeks disappeared and the inside of his lips crusted as the Candia died off that had entrenched itself in his mucous membranes. Lufenuron keeps killing the Candida long afterwards because it is very slowly released from the fatty tissues - another unique property of Lufenuron.

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One can still see the “shaded area” that used to be infected – this is the BEST SITUATION in some 20 years+!!!!

Pеtеr Jеnsеn, Norwаy

He wanted to be sure of Lufenuron's safety so he called Novartis in Switzerland and got confirmed that Lufenuron has no known side effects and is totally safe for mammals, and that it indeed eradicates Candida. When he asked why Novartis wouldn't do human trials with Lufenuron, the Swiss Veterinarian and fellow Chemistry Ph.D. replied that it was originally intended as a veterinary flea remedy and that they only recently started to receive anecdotal reports on its effect on yeasts and fungi in animals. He acknowledged that this was no more than logical, considering the Chitin-chemistry of the fungal cell wall but he said there were many factors involved in such strategic corporate decisions and that he did not know whether Novartis was interested in getting it approved for use in humans. Novartis perhaps does not want to "compete with themselves" - they already sell other antifungals. When John continued to inquire about possible long term-side effects, this man confided that he privately recommends Lufenuron to Candida-sufferers in his own family. We were amazed he was so upfront, because I am sure Novartis' official position is "no comment" on this. This is what happens when one manages to get throught to a lab person instead of a "suit".

(With permission)

Last Sunday -Tuesday was my monkey's third dose of Lufenuron.  I wanted to write you with excellent news.  For the first time in many years, the monkey can breathe!  This drug is having a positive effect on its breathing, which I suspected was caused by fungus.  I can't tell you the difference it's making.  It is the middle of summer with very hot and humid days here in Western NY.  The monkey is now out running 2-3 miles per day in this heat, whereas last year at this time he could barely walk or ride a bike for long distances.  The hardened mucus in his lungs is actually breaking up and he is finally able to cough some of it out now, whereas up to this point he never could cough anything out.  I have to attribute this to the drug.

Jоhn C. Pоntrellо, New York

We sell Lufenuron at wholesale prices

LufenuronWe sell 9 grams of Lufenuron for $27,-. Chimpanzees needed 60 mg/kg to get cured of fungal infections: The Veterinary record (Vet Rec) Vol. 152 Issue 21 Pg. 651-4 (May 24 2003) ISSN: 0042-4900 PMID 12790235. Some needed a second course. The FDA does not allow us to market Lufenuron to humans, so this means that 9 grams would be sufficient for two courses for an Orang-utan weighing 75 kg or 165 lbs or one course for a Gorilla weighing 150 kg or 330 lbs. Since it was found that increasing the dose gives better treatment results, our recommendation is to take one treatment course of 9 grams when the patient weighs between 55 and 120 kg. See our Candida treatment guide for dosing recommendations.

Store-bought Lufenuron from Novartis (Program VET) is twelve times more expensive than ours, gram-for-gram. We cut out the middlemen, don't use expensive packaging and import it in bulk straight from the factory. Test results by a major US lab.

Lufenuron helped many Candida-sufferers

Some years ago, John networked with fellow Candida albicans sufferers that had been "given up" by the medical establishment or couldn't even get a diagnosis in the first place. He asked them to try Lufenuron and made it available to them for free. It worked. And now we are selling it, we get a lot of mostly very positive feedback. The worst cases of Candida are not always cured, however. But often the immune system is able to control the Candida infection after treatment with Lufenuron, as the Candida becomes at the very least permanently weakened (read about this later on). Every case of Candida cleared up, many permanently. Lufenuron has no effect on the human body, to other medicines or even to the gut flora. You mix it into yoghurt or other food and must take it with a fat-containing meal to ensure good absorbtion.

(With permission)

My die off began on Friday and has been fairly continuous since.  Lots of itching in places, tingling and burning skin, abdominal discomfort, sleep disturbances, tight lungs, little rashes, headaches, burning in my stomach, gas, and muscle pains.  Let's hope it's get all of it!

Brаndοn Cаvnаr, Moorе, OK 73160

Some days later we received this email:

(With permission)

Wow Sarah!  This stuff works!  I'm starting to have more energy in the afternoons and my muscles and body are really aching and itching.

We are on the right track.  It may take a couple of rounds but I'll gladly pay for the second one with these results.
What a blessing!

Once I'm well, I'm going to tell my natural doc about this stuff too.  In this state of Oklahoma an MD that even says Candida risks losing his or her license.  You'll never get a Candida diagnosis by an OK MD.  So corrupt!

Brаndοn Cаvnаr, Moorе, OK 73160

Later still we received this email:

(With permission)

Sarah, I'm still having marked improvement.  Everyday is getting better.  Less aches and not hardly any itching, just on the sinuses and liver area.  Right now I really only have a little fatigue, headaches and muscle aches.  My aching is in places that hurt when I originally got sick.

Brаndοn Cаvnаr, Moorе, OK 73160

After two years of selling Lufenuron, we now have quite a
few naturopaths
and even some regular MD's ordering from us.

What if the Candida comes back?

This is possible. We don't claim it will always fully cure you, as Candida is extremely hard to get fully and permanently rid of. Also: If there are doubts whether you indeed do have Candida, for ex. if the only diagnosis done is a "Candida spit test" or "Candida muscle test", it's perhaps better not to buy. If you can spare the money, then Lufenuron can "diagnose" by either helping (then it's Candida) or not helping (then it isn't Candida). We are that sure, because due to Lufenuron's relative novelty and rare use there isn't yet any resistance in the wild to this antifungal compound.

Seriously ill patients - especially when immune-compromised - may only be partially cured, but there is good news: Research shows that when Candida becomes resistant to the Chitin-inhibitor Lufenuron (by mutating into a form of Candida that does not need Chitin in its cell wall), that this Candida becomes much weaker as a tradeoff! "Attenuated virulence", it is called. A fancy way to say "Reduced agressivity". So even if the infection doesn't clear up fully, your immune system will have an easier job eliminating it:

link to scientific article / actual article as a PDF

chitin candida inhibitor

You see, people do not become resistant against an antifungal, the Candida does. By mutating. In case of the Chitin-inhibitor Lufenuron, by mutating into a Chitin-deficient cell-wall form. Which is a much weaker form of Candida - because the "armor", the Chitin, is missing. So even in case the Lufenuron doesn't kill the infection, it severely and permanently weakens the Candida fungus. Lufenuron is the safest anti-Candida treatment there is. It's safer than oil of Oregano for example - have you ever gotten a drop on a sensitive spot of skin or in your eyes? Imagine what it does to the intestines - it kills perhaps 10% of the Candida but also a bit of the intestinal cell wall. The remaining Candida entrenches deeper into the damaged intestinal lining. "Natural" doesn't always mean that it is practical. In the end, everything should be judged by its merits. Mammalian bodies produce Chitinase to attack Candida's Chitin - Lufenuron is similar to that.

Summing up: Lufenuron is a powerful OTC/off-label anti-Candida medicine. It works very well on all mammals including primates with Candidia infection such as vaginal thrush, Candida sores, irritation or rashes etc. It works on people too, but we're not allowed to market this for human use by the FDA, but it would be OK to buy it for your pet Gorilla. It is safe and can be combined with any other medicine because as a specific anticatalyst to Chitin synthesis, it is chemically and metabolically inert. No diet needs to be observed, no beneficial gut flora will be affected.

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I took the luferenon, and I definitely think that it helped. I had also been taking Diflucon for several months, but noticed a clear die-off reaction and huge tiredness when taking the luferenon. I cannot scientifcally say that it was the solution that finaly kicked the candida, as I was also taking herbs known to be anti-fungal in addition to the long term Diflucan use, but I think it boosted my healing process. And I have been free from serious candida now for 3-4 months.

G. Fitzgеrаld

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Sarah Vaughter

2-week Candida treatment course
Price: $27,- (in your currency), excl. shipping

You will receive 9 grams of pure Lufenuron, to be taken over the course of 3 days, stirred into yoghurt or a fat/oil-containing meal. Due to Lufenuron's very long biological half-time and extremely slow release from the fat tissues, exact dosing is not required. Use approx. a third per day. The Candida will be under attack for the entire two-week period.

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Dear Sarah,


The first round I bought for my husband because he had a severe patch of dermatitis on his leg that I suspected was yeast related.  Yes, you guessed it.  IT WAS COMPLETELY HEALED!!!!

I had planned to buy the Lufenuron for me especially if it worked for healing his leg as I have been on the Candida diet for over a year.  Please tell me the Lufenuron will be available soon.  By the way, I happened to ask the vet about taking this medicine and she replied that, “if you can give it to a cat it can’t hurt you”.  I thought that was funny.

J. Inmаn, Murrаy, KY

Read our Lufenuron treatment guidelines
Our test-yourself-at-home Candida blood test

Lufenuron does not work on nail fungus because there is no blood supply to them.
Instead, use our natural "vampire fungus" product: Pythium oligandrum.
(Don't use Lufenuron 1 month before Pythium oligandrum because it will kill the Pythium)

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